Thursday, June 18, 2009


As in an "irrepressible desire to do what?"
Many years ago I was headed south on the Santa Ana freeway out of Los Angeles and it hit me like a tsunami: There is a reason why I am alive!
I mean -- other than my parent's attraction to each other.
If there is rationale for the cosmos, then it's not too far a leap of logic for there to be a rationale for me, or for you, or for anyone and everyone. Jesus had a strong sense of the reason for his life. Paul, in his letter to the Galatian church, put a finer point on it by advising us that Jesus came at just the right time, in just the right way for just the right purpose. If this is true, then the same can be said -- and with equal force -- for you and me.
When I was a kid, the big deal was fingerprints. Anybody could be identified by their fingerprints. Then came the eye retina. Now DNA is the most compelling evidence that while we are all humans, made in the Imago Dei, we are, after all, very different from each other. In fact no one who has ever lived, or ostensibly, ever will live who is exactly like us. It then follows, that there is something I can do related to my raison d'etre (reason for existence), that absolutely no one else can do.
Does this juice you as much as it juices me!?
To take this to the next level, I need to believe this, accept it and adopt it as a guiding principle in my life. Which means that like Jesus, I need a clear grasp of the rationale for my life, and see it expressed and materialized with a desire that nothing can diminish, let alone stop!
So, while pushing my Ford station wagon down the Santa Ana freeway at 65 mph, I whipped out my notebook, laid it on the seat beside me, and the tsunami rolled right through my ballpoint engendering these words . . .

Create in me
an irrepressible desire
to take up space
in your fullness.

To be in operative touch
with my purpose,
my destiny,
and the strategic timing
of my existence.

Totally absorbed
in my committment
to BE.

Well, to do what? I guess, THAT'S what.

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