Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Step into the Garden

He who sees what is done in secret will reward you intimately

I once worked with a man in Christian ministry.

He was the titular “head” of this ministry, meaning its chief administrator, CEO and fundraiser. In his language and in his attitude, he made great display of his Christian piety, his commitment to the work, etc.

During my time with that ministry, he arranged a fund-raising dinner, in which he invited several marquee Christian personalities to speak, or to provide music and inspiration. It was a fine occasion, enjoyed by all.

Then came the time when an appeal would be made to all invited to the dinner, to give of their financial resources to help support this ministry. I remember receiving this instruction from this man to the entire staff:

“When the appeal to give is made, take out your checkbooks and pretend you are writing a check. Make it obvious, so that all can see. In this way, you will influence others to take out their checkbooks, and contribute as well.”

I didn’t work with this man for much longer after that.

Mother Teresa came to be known world-wide. But I would like to know, how many children, how many broken people benefitted from her ministrations, with no one except God, knowing about it at all?

It is said, indeed such sentiments occurred in her writings, that Mother Teresa had doubts about her faith, that she had felt abandoned by God. Whether or not she is ever canonized for Roman Catholic sainthood, this is the most believable thing about her; her doubts, her human vulnerability. This is not to be confused with what she has done. What she has done is empirical. What she has done is evidence.

Now, I think, her doubts are gone. She has received her “reward of intimacy” with her Savior and Lord.

How much suffering had she relieved, unheralded!? How many can point to her as the greatest expression of God’s love they had ever known?

Today, the angels sing of her triumphs over suffering and disease. If not always triumphs of healing, triumphs of love and comfort. She is the most recent model of one who does wondrous service in secret, and who now, has received her reward.

May you and I, so serve the Lord that we draw attention not to ourselves, or to our cause, or to our mission, near so much as our lives draw attention to his love.
He who dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
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This is the true SECRET PLACE.

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