Wednesday, February 24, 2010


To my mind, the most compelling moment of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, is not the performance, or the medals, or the cheers. It isn’t even in the incredible stories of the years of hard work these athletes did, nor the agonizing strain it took to get there. Over and over again, regardless that the medal was bronze, silver or gold, regardless if there was a medal at all, in their interviews with the media, you heard them say, “I left it all on the ice.”


Think of it. The countless hours poured into training, the injuries, the logistics of training, the diets, the food and weight management, miles ran, gym workouts, weights lifted, intense, unwavering focus, the determination. How many falls were there? How many failures? Mistakes? How many ripped and torn, how many strained and sprained muscles? How many bruises? How many doctor’s visits? How much demand on time? What sacrifices made? How many goals not attained? Train! Train! Train! Little or none of the goodies we all take for granted: Sleeping in, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, “recreational” drugs, late night hours, TV, movies, computer games, expensive toys, the “pleasure” of dissipation, the obsession to be comfortable and enjoy ourselves.

They left it all on the ice.

The beaming smiles and tears of joy at the end of an outstanding performance tells you that there aren’t many moments in life like that. What a feeling! What ecstasy! What an orgasm of the spirit!

They left it all on the ice.

They earned the right and the privilege to say that. This did not come by doing nothing with one’s life. You know something? I want that. When I step off the ice from this life into the next, I want to look Jesus in the eye and say without shame, without holding back, in total, utter genuineness, with rock-solid credibility, “Lord, I did it. I left it all on the ice.”

Jesus was able to say that. Paul said it. Others have said it. I want to earn that privilege, too. God grant each and every believer, disciple and follower of Jesus Christ the incredible joy and pride in saying, “I left it ALL on the ice!”