Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Step into the Garden

Your hands made me and formed me;

Michelangelo’s painting of God and Adam in the Sistene Chapel has always intrigued me. I like it because it depicts the creation of the first man, from the finger of God.

In terms of what actually happened, I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that man was created by God in his image.

I love this truth, that I am created in the Image of God. Image denotes properties of visualization. I look like him. God made me to look like him. I find this exciting.

Now I read that “his hands made me and formed me.” How exquisite the intimacy this implies! It is as though God is the Holy Artisan, and I am the clay. He begins with a misshapen lump and goes to work. The lump begins to take on a form. It begins to resemble the Artisan. God is making me to look like him! With each turn of the Potter’s wheel, I look better and better. Soon, I emerge a finished piece, perfect in every way.

Then comes the kiln. There is a curious reality about kilns. No matter the heat, or the trial by fire, God is still the Master Artisan doing the work, making me to look like him. He knows exactly how long to leave me in there and just where to set the temperature. And the wonder of it all is that I emerge a thousand times more beautiful than when I entered.

But this isn’t about the kiln. This isn’t about the heat and the flames of life. It is about the fact of his hands, and how with meticulous care and artistry, they formed me, and made me to look like him.

Now about that picture on the right . . . ok, so maybe God needs to try again.

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