Thursday, September 20, 2012


What is the surest way to the heart of God? Is it by prayer and meditation on/in your Word? Is it through authentic humility? Is it by serving others? All of these? None of these? Is there a path to the heart of God for me to take, for me to walk upon, a path to which I choose to invest my energies?

Or, must I wait for the heart of God to enfold me? Must I wait for the heart of God to take the initiative? Is being filled, truly filled with the Holy Spirit something that I am responsible for, or does it come wholly and completely from you?

I know this: I know that the heart of God does enfold me. And I know that the greatest desire of my heart is to be filled to the absolute brim with the Spirit of God.

The central and foundational issue becomes, is it my adequacy, or yours?

Or both?

If both, then I fear I am undone. I fear that I do not have whatever it takes to hold up my end.

I fear.

But I am yoked with Jesus. I have taken his yoke upon me. Whatever I can’t handle, he will take up the slack. Should I even go to sleep, or pass out in my harness, he will carry me.

He will make sure and certain that I follow the right path, for he has an interest in me that he wishes to protect.

Whatever my sins, whatever my failures, he has taken them into account even before I was brought into this world.

Yet he still allowed me life.

His heart has enveloped me, so I will take yet another step in the fulfillment of my purpose, for I am eternally yoked with him; and his burden is light; and his yoke is easy.

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